3 Smart Ways Business owners can Build a Social Media Empire

3 Smart Ways Business owners can Build a Social Media Empire

Have you ever heard the statement ‘Rome was not built in a day?’ if yes, then give yourself a pat on the back.

Thumbs up to businesses who have woken up to social media –  the honey for your beesnees. The digital world is very noisy and many business owners are flocking to it with the wrong tactics, trying to navigate their way through the noise in an unpopular, less favourable fashion by diving into social media with nothing but the wrong expectations and becoming self-absorbed in an over-posting frenzy.

If this has been your tactic, and your not experiencing a traffic jam on your website, then you will soon understand why.

How do you build it? Well, first shall we look at why your not building it?

If your views of an active social media presence is all about promoting products or services to the masses as a way of generating instant sales and an abundance of customer leads you could cause your business to become overlooked.

Close your eyes and imagine being on a date in a fancy Michelin star restaurant that serves exquisite French food in London, and the person that your sat in front of does nothing but brag incessantly about oneself and their achievements and does not allow you to participate.

Does that give a sign that they value and respect you? Would you arrange a second date with a person like that? perhaps not.

Similarly, social media works in the same way. Those online conversations work in accordance with a two-way street. People should feel valued and respected both offline and online.

Since lurking on social media for more than 10 years now, I have noticed that non-salesy content that is informative or entertaining is 100 times more engaging and popular among users of social media. Quality content of that nature, typically generates constant conversation, and three small businesses rocking local social media marketing have seen satisfying results by applying this and many other strategies.

Think about it, your marketing efforts can soak up a lot of your precious time and sometimes money, so it is important to achieve long-term relationships and win the title of being a trusted go-to user with content that is engaging and meaningful.



I am a firm believer in maximum exposure – the more you cast the net out wide, the better. However, without a structured strategy this can do more harm than good.

As a beginner with basic knowledge, you’ll want to ensure your precious time is being used on the most appropriate network. It might be wise to pick just ONE social media network and become a master of that, then if necessary, begin widening out your reach onto other platforms once you gain more confidence.

The best way to lay a foundation for success is knowing where your customers hang out. For example, a B2C business offering home improvement products might find Facebook, ideal considering it has a wider reach than other social media platforms – over 1.39 billion active users.


If you took heed of my advice at the start of this blog, you’ll have understood that content is placed on a super-high pedestal. Without content, your life in the digital world is futile.

Content can take many forms from video, text, and images. Create a marketing strategy for your social media network. Highlight what you plan to apply and how. Images and videos are great ways to engage with online users and can be used to present the company ‘behind-the-scenes’. Also you can show how-to tutorials or even interviews with management.

I admit, which you can now share, that I have a whopping crush on blogs. Many leading businesses have implemented it in their marketing strategy. If success and ranking high on Google means a lot to you, then I suggest you find a band wagon and jump on it, because it is the present and the future. Blogs can be written about any topic. However, your blog should typically be a mix of industry related or your own company news.

The bond I have with blog writing is unbreakable because it helps me to give authority in a topic that I feel passionate about. Hopefully, you can sense that my written language is very conversational and playful, and that is my style of language for my brand and overall marketing campaigns, because I want you and others to feel as if you’re being informed yet entertained, and this usually helps to create a closer relationship with my readers.

Your blog can be written in a way that contributes to the overall tone of voice of your company. Like the Innocent drinks brand, who tend to ensure their language is playful and lighthearted across all their campaigns. That tactic that works really well for them and they gain authority in a non threatening way.


What may work for one business might not work for yours. A stationery supplies company might appreciate using LinkedIn to reach B2B professionals, posting content around 9am on Mondays, especially if they offer next day delivery. The earlier the content, the quicker they can raise brand awareness and allow their connections to ask questions perhaps about stationery supplies or delivery terms.

Have an open-mind and be adaptable because this will keep you in good stead. Sometimes it’s all trial and error and what may work today might not be the best method for you the next month. Think about the lifestyle of your customers, do they work or are they a stay-at-home mum or dad. If they work, what do they do during their lunch breaks? Check status updates on Facebook? Request recommendations from friends? If so, create relevant weekday posts between 12pm – 1pm on Hootsuite or Buffer. These are brilliant, easy scheduling tools that allow you to publish a post, which is automatically published at your preselected time.

And not only can you post on weekdays; weekends can offer you success too. Think about it, people tend to have more time on their hands during the weekends, you can become a more savvy business just by posting on weekends.

It really won’t hurt to give yourself that competitive edge by scheduling post for the weekends and engaging with customers on days less favourable to other businesses. Especially on Facebook, and their decline of organic posts, it can be difficult getting noticed during the week because their is an overwhelming amount of paid posts that your competitors buy into.

If less businesses are flocking to this medium during the weekend, then my friend the place is all yours to run riot. I definitely recommend including at least one day of the weekend in your social media plan.

If you apply these 3 smart ways, then you should slowly start to see your empire forming based on a solid foundation, and If your marketing efforts are consistent and non salesy, then sales and customers leads will come rushing unexpectedly like a new Sherif in town!

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