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Will this grow my business?

Quite frankly yes, but not overnight. It takes a lot of time and work to have a constant and active social media presence, but with time and dedication the pay-off is incredible. Investing proper time into social media can help you manage your online reputation, generate leads and most importantly, revenue.

How much does it cost?

Prices will vary depending on the service.

What is social recruitment?

Social recruitment is highly recommended for hiring managers or business owners who recruit constantly and struggle to meet their hiring needs. Using social media to find talent is an additional way to reach candidates and can complement your existing recruitment methods. This service is highly desirable and done properly, can help to give you access to a unique pool of candidates. Fear not, we can help you with all of that.

Can I decide my media spend?

Yes, you have the ultimate say on how much to invest in on your chosen paid platform. 

What are the working hours?

You can reach me anytime between Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm or Saturday before 12pm. If you want to check that I am human, then feel free to call me, or instead, drop me a few lines in an email and I will reply back to you within 24 – 48 hours.

Can I upgrade or down grade on packages?

Absolutely! You can downgrade or upgrade on any package you choose, but give us 30 days notice, that’s all.

How do you charge for an online campaign?

To manage and maximize your PPC campaign, we charge an initial set-up fee and an ongoing monthly fee for hands-on monitoring and regular reporting. Other online components such as social media set-up or ongoing management, SEO, and other services are estimated by the project, for your needs.

Are there an long term contracts and can I cancel at anytime?

Our minimum contract term is 12 weeks (3 months), and then a rolling monthly contract thereafter.

Do you post on the weekends?

All posts will be done between Monday – Friday. However, if your running a special campaign or want to reach a unique audience, then I can post on the weekends for you, but additional charges may apply for weekend posts. 

What is the billing process?

Clients are billed up front for their first month and then at the beginning of every month, via invoice, which is payable within 14 days.

Can't I do this on my own?

Yes, you can. No matter the advertising medium, an agency is rarely required to place advertising. Simply, you always have the option of advertising by yourself. The follow-up question is: “Do I WANT to do this myself?” As an agency, it is our duty to use our skill and experience to better guide your advertising spend. We effectively and efficiently plan advertising solutions in multiple mediums to best target exactly the customer you need to reach. We also bring a level of objectivity to the decisions, based on the marketing goals. We handle your accounts, leaving you to tend to your company.


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