Why choose Spotlight Advertising?

We are a strategic recruitment advertising agency that knows your online spotlight, and can make you stand out in a digital world that is over-crowded with online information.

Whether you want to grow your social media presence, or want to acquire candidates for your current job vacancies, Spotlight Advertising can generate a buzz for you (and i’m not talking Bees). We help make it easy for you to achieve online success and get you in front of a targeted audience either through social media or Google.

Our mission is to keep you actively engaged with prospective candidates in many ways possible, either by engaging in conversations on social media or producing high-quality content and posting them weekly on your behalf on your social media business page or most importantly, by creating high quality sponsored adverts in the places that they hang out.

We understand that some small business owners feel as if they are in the dark when it comes to social media. It is not always nice to be left behind and miss out on potential leads or have your competitor attract the best talent. Whether its limited time or lack of knowledge, some clients cannot afford to lose their online limelight to their competitors. Which is why, with Spotlight Advertising, you will have your own first class social media management service complemented by expertise and drive to generate constant online attention in a cost-effective way, enabling you to keep abreast of social media and its fast-paced environment.

Your never in the dark with Spotlight Advertising, because we know our way around the digital world and know how to produce satisfying results.

You might have noticed that there is an overwhelming amount of good and bad agencies professing their diverse mix of talents and ideas, but as you have landed on our page we are privileged to have this opportunity to highlight how Spotlight Advertising can help you cut through the noise of the online world.

We’ve got your back– dedicated and ongoing

The support you get will always be dedicated to your needs, whenever you need it. You can give us a shout anytime you need support. However,we will always reach out to you, to ensure that your happy with your service.

Gain time and reduce stress

On average, business owners are required to spend about 20 hours per week managing their social media accounts. That is a lot, right?  Most of our clients admit to having little time or knowledge when it comes to advertising. The good thing with Spotlight Advertising is that you can reduce that unnecessary stress and give yourself more time to focus on other areas of your business.


Some clients appreciate the phrase ‘no -strings-attached’ so we have really short contracts, short enough to give you flexibility but long enough for you to see results.

Small, yet unshakeable

Small client database is music to the ears of some clients because it means each client receives proper attention and care.

Bespoke packages

No business works the same so we can work with you in building a tailored and bespoke package; you have the freedom to choose what’s best for your business.


Whilst social media constantly changes, our eyes are constantly roving about and ears always firm to the ground in order to receive timely news and insights about the latest developments. This enables us to adapt very quickly to ensure your business never misses out on the attention it deserves.

Recruitment industry specialists

Successful recruitment contributes to the success of any growing business. We breath life back into any dull recruitment campaign that can become frustrating or ineffective…


You don’t have to wait until Monday to ask for help or assistance, we can even have a chat about your social media presence on Saturday too – before 12pm.

Facts and furious

In this industry its a numbers game. This agency, data-hungry and results driven and motivated by performance will provide you with data and results so you can understand your performance online.

To hire an agency or not to hire an agency? That is the question.

Over 2 billion active social media accounts in the world and 74% of consumers rely on social media to make their purchasing decisions. More and more people join online social networks, so you can’t afford not to be out there. Social media is the perfect place to stay connected with new and existing customers.

Why should I outsource social media?

Here’s 7 reasons why you should outsource social media management rather than do it yourself…

1.Knowledge and expertise

Social media is ever-changing but we have the know-how and the time to make those changes become an advantage to your business…speaking of time

2. Time

We believe that time is money and most importantly precious. You can spend your time more effectively focusing on other areas of your business whilst we do what we love and do best – social posting.


Sometimes the cost for outsourcing can make your eyes pop out or even the unrealistic salaries demanded by social media managers that you might hire internally. Are packages are affordable and we have more than one package to choose from that is able to suit the needs of most small businesses. We keep our prices cheap as chips because we want our small business owners to see value and a great return on investment without having to spend a great amount.

4. Defined systems and Processes

We know of the right social media management tools that we implement to help the smooth running of your social media accounts. We have a process in place to help manage and test social media campaigns and know how to monitor the effectiveness of your chosen social networks.

5. Consistency

Very vital aspect to Social Media Management. Keeping relevant is important to your brand’s image. Being in the public eye online constantly will attract more attention which doesn’t happen over night but as the saying goes…with regularity breeds familiarity.

6. Strategy

Another golden tool from the toolbox. Without strategy it is difficult to achieve business aims. For example, increasing brand awareness can translate into gaining more followers on Twitter. We will exploit your UPS to the maximum and use advanced analytics to make sure you’re still on track to reaching your target or adjust tactics to increase performance, and so having a strategy in place will help us to understand how to achieve your desired goals.

7. Passion

Ever-changing Social media has always kept us on our toes and our passion for this has grown from strength to strength but combining this with our love to see businesses prosper was a no brainer especially knowing how busy business owners are or how little knowledge they have about social media, it just made too much sense to create a platform that coincides with one another.